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We want our children to succeed, be happy and have a high self-esteem. Tutoring is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

Our Students’ well being is our top priority and we know that education is the foundation upon which success is built. Professional private tutoring is now a necessity we can’t overlook. We know the gap in the education system and a shortage of help is the cause for students’ frustration and parent’s stress.


Professional Tutoring and Homework Help for Grade 1-12

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XL Tutoring is a student service oriented learning centre that offers students high-quality holistic academic support. We provide professional private tutoring that prepares students for a successful life beyond school. We love to go above and beyond for our students, at XL Tutoring student success takes precedence over everything.


Our tutors are subject matter experts who enjoy teaching, they build strong tutor-student relationships which allows students to feel comfortable and ask questions. The reviews our tutors receive from both past and present students is unbelievable, you have to come and see it to believe it. 98% of customers recommend us to others.

Tutoring Services

Initial Assessment

Initial assessment is designed to determine where the knowledge gaps are if there are any, as well strengths and challenges.

Personalized Academic Plan

Based on results from Initial Assessment, each student will receive a customized Personalized Academic Plan to address all their needs, challenges and knowledge gaps. The plan is not fixed and continuously under goes review and change where required.

Homework Help

Homework is a set of tasks assigned to students that requires them to fully understand classroom lessons. We will re-teach classroom lessons to ensure that students understand new concepts and lessons.


Skill Building

We re-teach past lessons to ensure that students are up to date and fully equipped with all the knowledge needed to succeed. New lessons are built on the premise that students understand the old lessons, and when there is a gap learning process becomes difficult and effects student’s confidence and self-esteem. We help students regain the belief in themselves and their abilities.

Enrichment Program

Earning good grades is difficult, and maintaining good grades is even more difficult. This means students need to work even harder to stay on top. XL Tutoring’s Enrichment program is designed to help students stay on top and move head. With our Enrichment Program students set their own terms, and we provide the challenge needed to grow and reach the next level.


Summer Program

• Math Wiz program
• Math Basic and Advance skils
• Summer School Help
• Reading and writing Comprehension
• EQAO and Literacy Test Prep

Your child has the need, and we have the expertise.  

School Year

Whether you want to stay on track or soar ahead, give yourself the academic edge with our talented and experienced tutors.

• Take Control of Your Test Scores....
• Be Prepared With Confidence

Your child has the need, and we have the expertise.


Each child is unique; we offer customized learning strategies and support that address their individualized learning styles and challenges.


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